Tips on Buying a Bird


  • Be sure not to buy a bird that has a tendency to scream if you live in an apartment or have neighbors that will mind a little noise in the background.

  • Remember that no bird is guaranteed to talk. Even birds reputed to be great talkers may decide they don't want to. Be prepared to love him or her anyway.

  • Macaws and other large birds are often not suitable pets for families with small children.

  • Keep in mind that parrots are not cheap pets. Make sure that you can afford a cage that is of appropriate size for the type of bird you have. Toys, perches, and food can also be expensive.

  • All parrots require mental, physical, and social stimulation. Be sure that you have enough spare time to devote to your parrot.

  • Parrots can be extremely messy and destructive. Be sure that your house is
    "parrot-proofed" before bringing your baby home


I am more than happy to help you choose the right kind of bird to fit your lifestyle and budget. Please feel free to contact me.


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