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Our birds are raised in screened environments with stimulating views of Heritage Oaks on 45 acres, where we also raise Tennessee Walkers and miniature horses.The breeding cages for Macaws are 10.5 feet long; the cages for Amazons and African Greys are 6 to 8 feet long; and the cages for parakeets are 4 feet long unless circumstances require otherwise.

We try to avoid incubator hatching and allow the parents to raise babies for a few weeks. After they are pulled from the nest for handfeeding, babies are brought to work daily so that they can receive attention throughout the day and acclimate to traveling by car. This can make for easy-going birds that will be less likely to stress in new or noisy environments. Having a veterinarian raising your bird is also highly beneficial to its upbringing.

A variety of toys are offered to our birds to teach them how to keep busy when people aren't around. By allowing the birds to learn to fly before their first wing clip (which is not a permanent procedure), they are able to grow in confidence and build vital muscle tone. All of our birds are weaned on a combination of 3 brands of pellets, fruits, vegetables, Nutriberries, Avicakes, and some seed...they are NEVER forced to wean before they are ready. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. All of my information is located on the Contact page.

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