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It is very important to me that my babies have a good home and live a long healthy happy life, it would break my heart if a buyer lost one of my birds due to inexperience. It is also important to me that all of my customers have a good experience bonding with one of my birds. This won’t happen if the bird gets sick and you don’t know what to do for it. Which is why I urge you to contact me when ever you’re in doubt of anything from training to how to deal with health problems. Feeding concerns are some of the most frequently raised questions, so here's a little quick advice...Some foods are toxic for exotic birds Click here for proper feeding and diet instructions.

Another good piece of advice for you, is to locate a Board Certified Avian Vet near you and take your bird in for a checkup. This link will help you locate a vet near you. Board Certified Avian Vets took the extra four years of college to become bird specialist. I have traveled three hours to the nearest Board Certified Avian Vet, other vets are not knowledgeable enough and can misread critical symptoms.

Keep in mind that many vets won’t see an emergency case on the weekends if you’re not an established customer. So a quick check-up upon the purchase of a new bird will both insure your bird’s health and open the door for a weekend emergency, if one should ever arise.


Terms For Buying Weaned Baby Macaws


Weaned Baby terms are, you pay for the Parrot and the price of Shipping, due to fuel prices, cost of shipping can and has changed suddenly so ask when you're ready to buy. Babies are usually weaned at 3 months old. Payments are done through PayPal, to protect both the Buyer and the Seller from on-line fraud.

Because it is easier to sell an unweaned baby than a weaned baby... when a baby is held back to wean for a customer, a $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid in advance, this price will be included as part of the full amount when final payment is made. The balance is due when the baby is weaned, this is usually about 2 months after the deposit is paid. The customer will be notified when the baby is ready and have a PayPal Payment Request sent to them by email to pay the balance due.

The customer will have no more than 1 week (7 days) to complete the final transaction, or the customer will be in default of these terms, and the bird & deposit will be forfeited. This eliminates bird storage at the breeder's expense. The best plan is not to pay the deposit without putting the balance aside, to insure you will be ready to finish the transaction when the baby is ready to ship.

Weaned Bird Guarantee

Since birds have a high metabolism, they can contract illnesses and become sick very quickly, I can only guarantee that my birds are healthy and free of any diseases when they leave my facility. The buyer must take the bird to a avian vet within the first five working days of ownership to have the bird checked out, or all guarantees are null and voided. I cannot be responsible for what the bird may have picked up after it left my care.

If by some slim chance, your bird dies in your care during the first week of ownership (which has never happened to date, but if it did), you must have a necropsy done by a Board Certified Avian Vet (using a regular vet voids the guarantee) to prove that the problem was caused by something that happened on my end. Then send the results, with the refrigerated (not frozen) bird’s carcass, and proof of first week vet checkup back to me, so I can have my vet confirm this as fact. Then, and only then will the bird be replaced, or money refunded at my discretion.

Yeast infections and bacterial infections in young parrots are very common and can come on suddenly (within hours) from stress, improper feeding (old, sour, or moldy food), environmental changes in temperatures, dirty water or cages, and fumes from cleaning fluids. Most infections are easily cured by a knowledgeable avian vet. It is up to the buyer to know when the bird is sick, and get your bird the medical attention it needs from a avian vet in a timely fashion. There are no guarantees or warrantee against infections, or death caused by infections, especially when a vet could have saved it‘s life.

Policy For Unweaned Babies

I only sell unweaned babies to experienced hand feeders, if someone convinces me that they are experienced and are not...well this is when folks should be more honest. It is much harder to know if there is a problem with a Baby Parrots that young, so you have to know what you're doing and know when to take it to a vet. You can aspirate the baby with formula and lose it in seconds. Or burn its crop so he can't eat, with formula that is too hot. Or let it get chilled by a few degrees that would cause a whole host of other problems. I have no control over how the baby is cared for after it leaves my facility, so I cannot be responsible for the mistakes a customer makes. For these reasons, no one Guarantees unweaned babies, and either do I.

Don't tell me that you know how to feed and wean a baby bird to get a cheaper price, expecting me to teach you how to hand feed and wean your baby after the sale. Due to the fact it is a lot less trouble for me to wean the baby for you, than it is to teach you how to do it over the phone or through the internet. For this I offer full support for hand feeding & weaning your baby for an extra $250.00 "Support Fee", which adds up to about the same as if I weaned the baby for you. So without paying the support fee, you are on your own, and really should order a weaned baby if you have never weaned a baby bird before. Further more I accept no liability or responsibility for the support I give you, I only give Guarantees on birds that I wean for you.

On the other hand if you do know what you're doing, you will have a great bird at a really cheap price, but for this price, you accept all of the risk when you take this task on yourself. If you have hand raised any small Parrots or Cockatiels before, a large Parrot or Macaw is not that much different, so you shouldn't have any problems hand feeding any bird. Weaning a baby parrot is like riding a Bicycle, once you have done it, you will never forget, but for a refresher course, click here.





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